Organizational development

The success of a company is dependent on many different factors. In our mandates we focus on the aspect of organizational culture, which has usually developed and strengthened unconsciously over years.

But do you really know if your today’s organizational culture is useful for the implementation of your strategy or the management of changes lining up?

And this could be your situation:

  • Changes in the markets imply internal changes. Based on your adapted strategy your organizational culture is to be redefined or strengthened or further developed.
  • As a CEO you wish to ensure the implementation of your strategy. Therefore you have to define key skills derived from the strategy and develop them specifically.
  • Conflicts are visible and hinder a collaborative cooperation. Knowing that restrained conflicts have the tendency to escalate you would like to act as early as possible.
  • You are looking for a professional assistance to support an internal reorganization.
  • To strengthen the identification with your organization you wish to develop common values with your managers.
  • During or after a merger, a post-merger or integration support is required
  • Two business units or companies will have to work together closely in future (e.g. shared services, cooperation in a matrix).

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