Professional support for your recruitment

Assessment for the recruitment of management and key positions

We pay special attention to matching the key competencies of your company as well as the function with the experience and skills of the candidates. As a result, you receive a differentiated assessment including a clear recommendation and valuable advice for the further development of the candidate.

Support and optimization of your recruitment process

Thanks to our trained view from the outside, we quickly identify potential for improvement in your recruitment process and advise you on the selection and development of suitable supporting tools.

And this could be your situation:

  • You have some interesting candidates in the final selection for a position to be filled and would like an external, neutral assessment to objectify your own opinion regarding the candidates and thus increase the probability of hiring the “right” person.
  • You would like to optimize your recruitment process in order to ensure an up-to-date and valid personnel selection.
  • The people in your company who are responsible for recruitment should be trained to make the most reliable forecasts possible regarding the suitability of a candidate in the selection process.

Surveys and feedback

Feedback is used to determine the current mood in the company. It provides information about the needs, satisfaction and expectations of employees, colleagues, customers, etc. and is therefore a valuable tool for initiating, managing and evaluating transformation processes.

And this could be your situation:

  • You would like to assess your own impact and/or the impact of the leadership cadre with the help of a 360° (or alternatively 180°) feedback process and use the resulting strengths/weaknesses profile as a starting point for targeted leadership development.
  • You want to make improvement potentials in your company visible and derive appropriate change measures from it.
  • You want to assess the satisfaction of your employees.
  • You have developed leadership principles and would like to obtain the external view of your employees.
  • You would like to check how successful the implementation of initiated change measures is.

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